Stupid Airport Security

Reminiscent of Charles Dickens’ Circomlocution office in Little Dorrit, or how to officially not  to do something, airport security measures baffle the intelligence of the weary traveller.

My wife, a hairdresser for children in Montréal, Québec, has in recent years had to travel Air Canada a number of times to see her aging parents in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Her last time, this month, she packed her weapon of mass destruction, hairdresser scissor and comb, into her checked baggage, having learned from a previous experience when she was nearly treated as a criminal at the airport for wanting to cut her father’s hair.

Going through security this time at Dorval airport, the bells ringed because she had forgotten to remove her jewelry and her belt buckle beforehand. Well, she was then marched through the full-body X-Ray contraption.

To compound this stupidity, when coming back, having removed anything on her that could create the stupid beep, her scissors and fine toothed comb still in her checked luggage, she was stopped by security and told « The machine randomly selected you for a pat down! »

Imagine my little wife in her mid-fifties, all of her 5 feet 2 inches and her measly some 120 pounds, a person that would not hurt a creature if she could help it, searched like a common criminal.. in front of her aging parents and sister the other side of the security glass!

Of course, none of those precautions or so called security measures would stop a proper terrorist. As if any self respecting criminal would target one small plane between Moncton and Montréal.

Some corrections were made to the text above and the following added:

After reflexion, the 9/11 terrorists have won their war action. Under false security concerns, our democratic governments are willing to increase the oppression of the people.

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